June 28, 2022

Janae Stracke of Heritage Action for America on One America News Network

Heritage Action Grassroots Director Janae Stracke joins Graham Ledger of the Daily Ledger on OANN to discuss the Born-Alive …

Brian Mast on the One America News Network (3/28/16)

US Army Combat Vet. Purple Heart recipient. Husband and father of 4. America First Congressman serving Florida’s 18th …

Lesko Discusses High Gas Prices with One America News Network

WATCH: I spoke with One America News Network yesterday for a brief moment to discuss how President Biden’s policies have …

‘Truly shocking’: Antifa members indicted for alleged attack on Trump supporters

On Sunday’s Wake Up America Weekend, journalist Andy Ngô reacted to the indictment of alleged members of Antifa. Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, CenturyLink 1209, Mediacom 277, Fubo, Sling, WOW!, Armstrong, or the Newsmax smartphone APP. Get the latest news, headlines […]

Senator Cramer Joins One America News Network

Follow Senator Cramer: Facebook: fb.com/SenatorKevinCramer Twitter: @SenKevinCramer Instagram: @SenatorKevinCramer.

OAN Gets Busted Lying About Elon Musk Buying The Network

The CEO of One America News, Rob Herring, tweeted out that someone “close to” Elon Musk had called and inquired about …

Leader Filippi: One America News Network (OAN) S2552

RI House Minority Leader Blake A. Filippi and Stella Inger Escobedo of One America News Network (OAN) discuss the punitive …

Dr. Cohen discusses U.S. – Russia relations on One America News Network

Dr. Cohen discusses U.S. – Russia relations on One America News Network March 8, 2017.

One America News Network HUMILIATED & Forced to Admit to Their Lies About the 2020 Election!

Jesse plays a clip and talks about One America News Network which was forced to admit live on the air that they lied about two …

USER STORY: News | One America News Network

Imagine Communications supporting the recently launched One America News Network with a complete content management …

Rep. Carter on One America News Network

RT America continues to air as Europe, Canada shut down affiliates of Russian propaganda network

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! As the Kremlin-backed Russia Today network is banished and dropped in Europe and Canada following the invasion of Ukraine, the American affiliate of RT continues to broadcast from Washington, D.C. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Sunday that RT, as well as fellow global […]

Corey Lewandowski joins One America News Network

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager will now provide political commentary for a conservative cable news network.

Playing A Dangerous Game: AT&T Denies Funding OAN. Network Founder Says Otherwise.

A Reuters investigation uncovered who is bankrolling far-right network, One America News. The world’s largest communications …

One America News Network Covers Amb. John Bolton’s Address to Heritage

One America News Network covered Amb. John Bolton’s address on the Trump administration’s new Africa strategy at The …

Bill Johnson on One America News Network

Bill Johnson on One America News Network with Liz Wheeler on March 20, 2017.

OAN is CANCELLED – AT&T Dropping One America News Network

DOWNLOAD AUDIO PODCAST PodBean – https://elithecomputerguy.podbean.com iTunes …

ESPN’s Allison Williams Quitting Network Over Vaccine Mandate

ESPN’s college football sideline reporter Allison Williams has confirmed Friday that she is quitting the cable sports network over its coronavirus vaccine mandate. The decision came a month after Williams told fans that she was foregoing the vaccine because she and her husband were trying to get pregnant, and she did not want to risk…

Biden State Department Falsely Denies Taliban, Terrorist Haqqani Network Ties

The Biden State Department made the astounding claim Friday that the Taliban and its brother organization, the Haqqani Network, are “separate entities.” In truth, the two are tightly linked, and many of the top Haqqani leaders – including self-described “Kabul chief of security” Khalil Ur-Rahman Haqqani – are also high-ranking Taliban officials. Terrorism experts were…

Media Matters Gives Pass To Major Radio Network With Overlapping Board Membership

A longtime Media Matters director joined the board of Cumulus Media in 2018, and since then the radio network has been spared from the liberal media watchdog’s advertiser boycotts. Media Matters mentioned Cumulus at least 160 times before Tom Castro joined the radio network’s board in 2018. Media Matters has mentioned Cumulus just three times…

NBC Sports Network to Shut Down in 2021, NHL, NASCAR Move to USA Network

NBC Sports Network will cease operations in 2021 and transfer their sports rights to USA Network, according to an internal company memo. The network hoped to compete with ESPN, but suffered low ratings and took a beating when faced with factors such as the postponing of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the rising popularity of…

NETWORK OF GARBAGE: CNN Attacks Kanye Using Dead Mom, Mental Health, Wife’s Ex-Lover.

Every day is a new low for CNN. The far-left network has launched a smear campaign against rapper Kanye West over his support for President Donald Trump, using racial slurs to attack him and suggesting that he is mentally ill. The attack started on Tuesday when CNN host Don Lemon led a panel that mocked […]

This Is CNN: Network Slimes Kanye as ‘a Man Who’s Clearly Not Okay’

CNN political commentator S.E Cupp criticized President Donald Trump’s Oval Office meeting with hip-hop star Kanye West Thursday, accusing him of exploiting “a man who’s clearly not okay.” That sentiment was echoed by CNN’s chief media critic Brian Stelter, who repeated her descriptor of the meeting: “sad.” Sad. @SECupp said it best about the Kanye-Trump […]

Andrew Gillum’s ‘Maoist’ Support Network.

Andrew Gillum the Democratic candidate for Florida Governor, speaks during a campaign rally at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades on August 31, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images) News Analysis Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s political career has been nurtured by one of the country’s most powerful socialists: San Francisco […]

Fox Marks 67th Quarter As No. 1 Cable News Network.

Fox News marked its 67th consecutive quarter as the leading network in cable news this month. FNC, which is celebrating its 22nd anniversary this weekend, finished the third quarter of 2018 as the number one cable news network across total day and primetime viewers. According to Nielsen Media Research, Fox averaged 1,401,000 million total viewers in […]

You’re Being Torn Apart: Trump Torches CNN For Its Garbage Russian Collision Story; UPDATE: Network Stands By Its Trash Reporting.

President Trump went on a tear against CNN yesterday, tweeting “CNN is being torn apart from within based on their being caught in a major lie and refusing to admit the mistake. Sloppy Carl Bernstein, a man who lives in the past and thinks like a degenerate fool, making up story after story, is being […]

Sessions Announces Indictments Tied To Massive Chinese Fentanyl Network.

The announcement from Sessions came after the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned Jian Zhang, owner of a chemical company based in China, and four financial associates from China who worked directly for Zhang. The five Chinese nationals allegedly used Zhang’s company, Zaron Bio-Tech, to import large amounts of fentanyl and even […]

This Is CNN: Host Admits Network Peddles Fake News…Sort Of.

CNN is President Trump’s favorite punching bag. In fact, it’s the Right’s favorite punching bag. The network has tried to position itself as a middle of the road network that has panels of rabid advocates ripping each other apart for ratings. The network is also on an insufferable self-righteous track with their “fact first’ campaign, […]

The Nuclear Option — Collapsing News Network: CNN, MSM Hope Raunchy Sex Scandal Ends Trump.

First they tried to beat him at the polls. They lost miserably. Then they unleashed America’s most powerful and penetrating espionage apparatus against him at the height of the presidential campaign. And got caught red-handed. Once he assumed the White House, they tried beating him with a sprawling federal investigation into “Russia collusion” — only to […]

BREAKING: Stephen K. Bannon Steps Down from Breitbart News Network.

Stephen K. Bannon has stepped down from Breitbart News Network, where he served as Executive Chairman since 2012. Bannon and Breitbart will work together on a smooth and orderly transition. Bannon said, “I’m proud of what the Breitbart team has accomplished in so short a period of time in building out a world-class news platform.” […]