May 16, 2022

Rooftop Revelations: Pastor Brooks On America’s failure in Ukraine and the South Side

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! CHICAGO – From the South Side of Chicago, Pastor Corey Brooks has watched Americans debate Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and what it means.  On the 99th day of his 100-day rooftop vigil to build a community center, he wished to share his unique views with his audience. […]

Former Canadian chief justice pens op-ed denouncing ‘ugly side’ of freedom in trucker protests

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! After Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cracked down on the “Freedom Convoy” protesters last week by invoking the Emergencies Act, freezing bank accounts and making violent arrests, one of the country’s former Supreme Court justices justified the extreme actions taken by the government in an op-ed published […]

Brooks: Dems on Wrong Side of Education, Crime, San Francisco Recall ‘Should Be a Five-Alarm Fire’

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks said the school board recalls in San Francisco “should be a five-alarm fire” to Democrats, who have gotten on the wrong side of the major issues of education and crime. Host Judy Woodruff asked, “Some glimmerings around the country in local races, David, that voters…

Turley on landmark SCOTUS abortion case: Kavanaugh delivered 'haymakers' to pro-choice side

Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law professor at George Washington University, provided analysis after the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the Mississippi abortion law that challenges Roe v. Wade. On “The Faulkner Focus,” Turley explained that the pro-choice side will likely be unhappy with Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who asked pressing questions about the basis of […]

Thanksgiving side dish: Stuffed acorn squash with crab

Stuffed acorn squash with panko-crusted crab makes for a delicious Thanksgiving side dish. “An acorn squash filled with ‘stuffing,’ this dish is quintessential fall. In fact, this dish is high in protein and gluten-free, thanks to the cheesy, gluten-free panko-crusted crab, and perfect for guests or family members who may follow a specialized diet,” says Rima […]

Towering Musical Theater Master, Broadway’s ‘West Side Story’ Lyricist, Stephen Sondheim Dies at 91

NEW YORK (AP) — Stephen Sondheim, the songwriter who reshaped the American musical theater in the second half of the 20th century with his intelligent, intricately rhymed lyrics, his use of evocative melodies and his willingness to tackle unusual subjects, has died. He was 91. Sondheim’s death was announced by Rick Miramontez, president of DKC/O&M.…

Subpoenaed FDA Files Prove Dangerous Side Effects from Pfizer COVID Vaccine

As the Joe Biden White House continues to push its tyrannical mandates, alarming new research has surfaced about the COVID vaccines. Every major mainstream media source is reluctant to discuss the merits of natural immunity. Few will address the scientific evidence that natural immunity may be multiple times more effective at fighting COVID. However, even […]

Centre-Right Australians Too Polite, Time for Silent Majority to Speak Up: Former PM

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said it was time for the quiet Australians to “find their voice” and push back on the teaching of critical race theory and similar ideology in schools, just like the Virginians did in their election. Abbott made the comments while speaking with the Institute of Public Affairs on a podcast…

100-Year-Old World War II Veteran Shares His Secrets to Longevity

World War II veteran James Bradley celebrated his 100th birthday on Nov. 5 at his Yorba Linda home in California. When asked about his secret to longevity, the centenarian replied with a smile that he always keeps himself young in spirit and upholds traditional values—believing in God and cherishing family. Bradley participated in the Normandy…

Biden Signs Law Tightening Restrictions on Huawei, ZTE, to Protect US Telecom Systems

President Joe Biden speaks during a press conference in the State Dining Room at the White House in Washington, on Nov. 6, 2021. (Samuel Corum/Getty Images) President Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law the “Secure Equipment Act of 2021” to protect U.S. telecommunication systems by restricting companies that pose a national security threat—such as Chinese…

Superman II: Panthers Bring QB Cam Newton Back Home

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Superman has returned. Whether or not Cam Newton can rescue the Carolina Panthers’ sinking season remains to be seen. The Panthers (4–5) announced they’ve signed Newton to a one-year contract, bringing him back to the franchise that drafted him No. 1 overall in 2011—and later cut him prior to the 2020 season after he…

FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show Gavin Newsom’s Face Drooping On One Side?

A video shared on Twitter allegedly shows one side of Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s face drooping during a speech. Um… What’s wrong with his face — Gatekeeper 1111 (@Gatekeeper_1111) November 9, 2021 Verdict: False The video has been altered to make it seem like Newsom’s face was drooping. In the original video, he…

Unexpected Side Effects of Ultrasound Gel

In 2017, Emalee Morem was 40 weeks pregnant with her first child. At the urging of her providers, she had an extra ultrasound, just to make sure the baby was OK. After the scan, Morem and her husband went out for lunch. But sitting in the sunshine on the patio at the restaurant in Minneapolis…

Jim Jordan: ‘Do You Have a Functioning First Amendment When Only One Side Is Allowed to Talk?

Thursday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the House Judiciary Committee ranking member, recounted some of the aspects of a hearing and Big Tech, where he questioned how the First Amendment applied in certain circumstances. Jordan explained much of what Democrats were doing in the beginning stages of this Congress had bypassed the committee process. “They’ve been…

Exclusive: Poll Shows Americans Side with Trump over Mueller Probe.

A national poll conducted of 1,000 likely voters by McLaughlin & Associates and former Clinton pollster Dick Morris provided exclusively to Breitbart News shows support for President Trump and suspicion of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. By a margin of 51 percent to 33 percent, voters do not believe Mueller has found “real […]

Former Obama Staffer: Facebook Allowed Us To Break User Data Rules Because They Were On Our Side.

Yesterday, Facebook’s stock tanked after it was revealed that they gave user data to a firm, Global Science Research (GSR), via an app. This data was then given to Cambridge Analytica, a firm that was working for Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The app not only gave GSR the data of the user who […]

BREAKING: FBI Made ‘Side Deals’ to Destroy Top Clinton Aides’ Laptops – VIDEO

This was just your average FBI investigation, you see, in which the same woman was: (1) a subject of the probe, (2) a key witness in the probe, (3) a dubious immunity recipient, and (4) a lawyer to the primary subject — who was allowed to sit in on her quasi-client’s interview with investigators. And if that […]

Iran Takes Another American Hostage After Obama’s $400 Million ‘Side Deal’

Back when the Iran Deal was being negotiated, we learned that the State Department had authorized secret “side deals” to handle matters they didn’t want to discuss in front of Congress. We’ve just learned the answer to one of the important questions:  did the President know that secrets were being kept from Congress? The answer […]

Texas Lt Gov Tells Obama Police Don’t Know If He’s On Their Side

ABC aired a pre-taped town hall on race relations with President Obama Thursday night, featuring one particularly tense exchange with Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. In his question for Obama, the Texas official suggested the president’s rhetoric has caused America’s police officers to doubt whether their commander-in-chief has their back. “I’m concerned that police officers across […]

Obama In Germany: Merkel Is On ‘Right Side Of History’ By Destroying Europe’s Borders

(AFP) US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a joint pitch Sunday for deeper transatlantic trade in the face of mounting opposition, vowing to complete a vast US-EU trade pact that could spur much-needed economic growth. After talks in the northern town of Hanover where tens of thousands marched Saturday against the […]

Immigration: The Liberal Side of Fox News

The immigration crisis in the United States has been one of the most heavily addressed issues in the Republican presidential debates. Although all the candidates acknowledge the issue; each has a different approach and solution. Because of their positions, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have been at the forefront of recent news. The […]


The president mocked citizens for being afraid of “widows and orphans.” As I pointed out on my show after he said that, yes, in the Middle East women play a huge role in the radicalization of men. Especially, if they are a widow of a terrorist or jihadi fighter. Here is a story about the […]

House Won’t Vote on Iran Pact Until Obama Reveals ‘Secret Side Deals’

In a last ditch strategy to show its authority, House conservatives have pushed party leaders to delay a vote on the Iran nuclear deal because they believe President Obama has deceived Congress on components of the agreement. Though Obama has secured enough support to veto an attempt by lawmakers to reject the accord, it was […]

Iran Nuclear Side Deals Expose Additional Flaws

More Democrats are falling in line to support the Iranian nuclear deal, despite recent revelations further exposing the farcical nature of the inspections regime on which it depends. And according to The New York Times, nearly everyone they talk about in this article who either is or might be opposing the deal is doing so […]

Report: Obama Admin Taking the Side of Palestinians Over U.S. Citizens in Terror Case

The Obama administration is reportedly mulling an intervention next week in a civil lawsuit involving the Palestinian leadership and American victims of Palestinian terror. Guess which party the administration is siding with? The lawsuit was filed over a series of bombings and shootings in or around Jerusalem that killed dozens of U.S. citizens during the […]

Tom Cotton: Without releasing Iran side deal documents, Obama is in violation of the law he just signed

Rob told you earlier that the Obama Administration admits what everyone could plainly see about why the Iran nuclear deal wasn’t treated as a treaty. Because the Constitution requires treaties to be ratified by the Senate, and Obama and Kerry know there’s no chance of that happening with this turkey. That’s obviously a blatant disregarding […]

Nuclear Experts Rip Iran Inspections Requirements, State Department Won’t Comment on Secret Side Deals

Team Smart Power claims the Iran deal, which they’re railroading through the UN as a potentially unconstitutional means of short-circuiting Congress, offers a robust regime of inspections — even as the Obama administration has embarrassingly retreated from its previous “anytime, anywhere” rhetoric. Critics say the built-in delay period of up to 24 days between requested […]


White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice admitted the existence of two secret “side deals” between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to accompany the main Iran nuclear deal agreed last week between Iran and the P5+1 powers (U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China). The two secret deals, which cover the Parchin […]

American Churches: On the Wrong Side of History

The Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage has sent a shockwave through the Christian community. Many are wondering how it came to be that a nation built on the freedom of religion is now forcing people of faith to choose between obeying the government and following their religious convictions. For an answer to that question […]