October 1, 2022

Leib to Newsmax: Biden has indirectly given Tehran billions!

NTD Business Full Broadcast (Dec. 23)

The FDA is authorizing a second pill to treat COVID-19. How effective is it and who can get it? One Chinese city that’s larger than the Big Apple is again under tight lockdown, after reporting over a hundred CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus cases. How strict are the measures and how are people reacting to it? A senator details how…

WHO’s Third Attempt to Investigate Virus Origin Just as Flawed as Their First Two | Truth Over News

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) newly formed Scientific Advisory Group looking into the origins of the pandemic recently held its first meeting. The group represents the WHO’s third attempt to investigate the origins of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes the disease COVID-19. The WHO’s previous finding that the virus had a natural origin…

Latino Shift to GOP Would Shake California, US Elections

Commentary “Hispanics are Republican voters,” President Ronald Reagan once said. “They just don’t know it yet.” Well, it looks like they know it now. Numerous polls show Hispanic (or Latino) voters are shifting toward the GOP. After the recent vote for governor in Virginia, a state with significant Latino population growth, an exit survey by…

US Running Out of Time to Prepare for Possible War With China Over Taiwan: Experts

The Chinese regime is rapidly expanding its military and modernizing its weaponry. Taiwan and the United States could be caught flat-footed if they fail to recognize the urgency of the threat, analysts warn. China will have the ability to mount a full-scale invasion of Taiwan by 2025, according to Taiwanese Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng. He…

Rand Paul’s Annual Festivus Report: Billions Wasted on Pigeon Gambing Studies, Fattening Eels

BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP via Getty Images Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) this week released his annual Festivus Report detailing egregious, wasteful government spending over the last year. This year’s list includes money spent on “a study of pigeons gambling on slot machines, giving kids junk food, and telling citizens of Vietnam not to burn their trash.” “Good…

‘Billions’ Creator Brian Koppelman Says Matt Gaetz Has ‘The Single Most Punchable Face I Have Ever Seen’

Brian Koppelman, producer and creator of the hit Showtime drama Billions, jumped to Twitter on Wednesday to say U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R, FL) has “the single most punchable face” he has ever seen. The Hollywood producer, who also co-wrote Ocean’s Thirteen and Rounders, claimed he was against violence but then turned right around and said…

Trump To Hand Out Billions In Aid To Farmers Caught In The Trade War Crossfire

The Trump administration reportedly plans to extend $12 billion in emergency financial assistance to farmers negatively affected by the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China, among others, Politico reported Tuesday. With tens of billions of dollars in tariffs already in effect and the possibility of tariffs on exports worth hundreds of billions of […]

Breaking: Trump hits China with billions more in retaliatory tariffs.

President Donald Trump responded to tariffs from China with a threat Thursday of $100 billion more in retaliatory tariffs. Here’s what Trump said “In light of China’s unfair retaliation, I have instructed the [United States Trade Representative] to consider whether $100 billion of additional tariffs would be appropriate,” read the statement,  according to CNN Money. “Rather than remedy […]

3 Reasons America Should Be Thrilled Trump Staffers Are Worth Billions

According to the left-wing Washington Post, it is not only BIG NEWS that 27 of President Donald Trump’s aides and staffers enjoy a net-worth north of $2 billion, it is also ominous and scary news, something that is supposed to be worrisome and troubling. This of course is a flaming pile of Fake News, a […]

Report: Billions in New Spending Failed to Fix VA Problems, Made Some Worse

Amid public outrage over the deadly wait list manipulation scandal that consumed the federal Department of Veterans Affairs in 2014, politicians on both sides of the aisle demanded accountability and reforms. As usual, many Democrats blamed the agency’s systemic corruption on funding shortfalls, which was an inaccurate red herring. Nevertheless, Congress allocated billions in additional dollars for […]

The EPA Stashes BILLIONS In Slush Fund-Like Accounts

  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials have accumulated at least $6.3 billion in more than 1,300 obscure spending accounts akin to slush funds that are essentially beyond congressional, media and public scrutiny. The accounts – which were created through EPA’s Superfund program – are not technically secret because the agency officially acknowledges their existence. But getting concrete details […]

IRS Can Track Your Cell Phone, but Leaves Billions in Taxes Uncollected

While the Internal Revenue Service continues to leave uncollected tax money on the table, the agency beefed up its surveillance capabilities in a move that alarms both conservative and liberal privacy advocates. Now some complain the IRS is acting too much like Big Brother and not enough like a traditional taxman. Since 2006, the IRS […]

US Helping Iran Access Billions in Frozen Funds

The Obama administration is helping Iran access billions of dollars in funds that are tied up in international banks across the globe by rewriting regulations and other measures, according to testimony Tuesday by a top U.S. official, who admitted that these assets could be used to fund terrorism. The United States has been engaged in […]

Obama Wants ‘Billions For Gun Control’ In 2017 Budget

On February 9 President Obama released his 2017 budget proposal and it contains “billions for gun control.” Much of this is to fund the various aspects of Obama’s January 5 executive gun controls, which include new FBI personnel to handle National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS) checks, more ATF agents, funding “smart gun” research, expanding […]

German Dentists: Treating Refugee Teeth Will Cost Taxpayers BILLIONS

That mass migration is adding enormous pressure to public services has been confirmed by German dental professionals, who have warned the teeth of many immigrants are so bad they require significant work, which will cost the tax payer billions of Euros. Describing the teeth of migrants who are coming to German dentists for work as […]

Obama Administration: ‘Possible, If Not Likely,’ That Some of the Billions in Iran Sanctions Relief Will Fund Terrorism

Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that some of the $55 billion in sanctions relief for Iran will likely fund acts of terrorism, and the White House later backed him up on that point. However, they both defended the Iran nuclear deal on the grounds that it keeps a check on Iran. CNBC’s Andrew […]

While Iran Receives Billions From Lifted Sanctions, the U.S. Military Is Cut by Billions

There are many reasons to think that the Iran nuclear deal is an awful agreement. One of those being the $150 billion (or so) that Iran will receive as sanctions are lifted. While Iran is receiving $150 billion, the U.S. military is struggling under cuts that total over $180 billion over the last four years. […]

Iran: Death to America, We Won, and We’ll Do Whatever We Want With Your Billions

Iran is spiking the football over the slanted nuclear giveaway, as well they should be. Mission accomplished: “Our objective was keep nuclear program and have sanctions lifted” — Thomas Erdbrink (@ThomasErdbrink) July 14, 2015 “At first they wanted us to have 100 centrifuges now we will have 6000. They wanted restrictions of 25 years now […]