June 14, 2024

Florida kids ‘actually talking to each other’ after state bans cell use in school: teacher

An Orlando-area middle school teacher who went viral for parody TikToks of parents upset their children are having their phones confiscated under a new Florida law told FOX News it is refreshing to see children conversing with each other once again. After Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill sponsored by State Rep. Brad Yeager, R-Pasco, […]

PBS Kids Creates Series ‘Lyla in the Loop’ to Get Young Children Talking to AI Characters

The new PBS Kids series Lyla in the Loop is set to feature the network’s first interactive episodes with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The kid’s series, which is set to debut in 2024, will include a storyline about the so-called ethical use of AI and feature digital episodes incorporating AI-assisted conversation, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Surprise! Talking with others in person boosts mood more than texting, scrolling or being alone, study says

Talking to another person, even if that person is a stranger, boosts people’s mood more than engaging in screen time or spending time sitting quietly alone, a new study found. Researchers from the University of Georgia’s Franklin College of Arts and Sciences also discovered that even if a chat with others boosted people’s mood more, […]

Exclusive – McCarthy: White House Already Engaging in Impeachment Inquiry ‘Obstruction’ with Fake ‘No Evidence’ Disinformation Talking Points

Democrat President Joe Biden’s White House is already obstructing the U.S. House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry announced by Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) when it disseminated talking points to the media falsely claiming there was no evidence to begin the inquiry, McCarthy told Breitbart News exclusively. McCarthy, who appeared on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125

Senate’s endangered Dems take a pass on talking Trump

POLITICO asked seven incumbents, including Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), expected to face competitive reelections in 2src24 to weigh in on the charges but heard nothing in response, only Sinema’s team replied — with a no comment. | Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo The Senate’s most vulnerable Democrats are steering clear of the

Joe Biden Says ‘No,’ He Didn’t Lie About Talking Business with Hunter Biden

President Joe Biden said Monday he did not lie in his repeated claims of never speaking with Hunter Biden about the family’s international business deals — despite mounting evidence to the contrary. After hosting an event in the East Room at the White House about the nation’s economic challenges, Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich asked President Joe Biden, “Did

Bethenny Frankel responds to ‘And Just Like That’ shade: ‘Catty housewives are still talking about’ me

June 22, 2023 | 10:29pm Bethenny Frankel is clapping back after she became the butt of the joke in the Season 2 premiere of “And Just Like That.” During the season premiere which aired Thursday, Carrie Bradshaw — played by Sarah Jessica Parker — told her realtor, Seema Patel, that she “almost bought a house […]

Hakeem Jeffries says he has ‘no idea’ what Kevin McCarthy’s talking about

The compromise reached last night “will not be a final agreement” House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries said, until Congress has been able to review the legislation. | J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Sunday that House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries told him there is “not one thing in the bill for Democrats.”

Mullin: Biden’s Ignoring the Experts on the Economy after Talking up Experts During COVID

During an interview with Newsmax TV on Wednesday, Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) reacted to the Biden administration denying that a recession is looming by pointing out that the Biden administration repeatedly claimed they listened to experts on coronavirus, “but yet they don’t listen to experts when it comes to the economy.”…

Do Democrats seriously want to start talking about Russia and treason?

Democrats alleging that President Trump is treasonously collaborating with Russia are like a guy with three mistresses haranguing a married pal for ogling a pretty girl he passes on the street.  By raising the subject, they tread on thin ice, and they seem blissfully unaware of the many skeletons in their own closet. Mark Levin isn’t […]

Karl Marx: Talking Points for Deplorables.

So here we are at the bicentennial of the birth of Karl Marx in Trier, an ancient city that was once the capital of the Franks. Chuck was another of your Cinco de Mayo babies. Let us celebrate the man who was fated to outdo Helen of Troy, the beauty that launched a thousand ships. Marx […]

Here’s the FISA Memo Nobody’s Talking About. It’s Much More Damning Than the Much-Discussed Nunes Version.

WSJ Columnist: Why is the Media Ignoring the Real Bombshell FISA Memo? We’ll bring you Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel’s tweetstorm in a moment, but I’ll take a stab at answering her question about the media right out of the gate.  Three possibilities: (1) The GOP hyped the Nunes memo, which quickly became the center […]

Mika: Hillary Clinton ‘Needs To Stop’ Talking About Sexual Harassment Unless Bill Apologizes ‘For Being A Sexual Harasser’

On Monday’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski absolutely trashed former President Bill Clinton in a scathing monologue about his alleged sexual predation: You guys, I’m sorry, but [long pause] I’m not sorry, actually. Hillary Clinton needs to stop. She needs to stop talking about this topic unless Bill Clinton wants to come forward and apologize […]

VIDEO => Model Leeann Tweeden Breaks Down Crying Talking About Al Franken’s Sexual Assault.

Model and actress Leeann Tweeden accused Democrat Senator Al Franken of sexual assault (pictured above Franken groping Tweeden while she is asleep). Tweeden made the allegations on her radio show this week. Tweeden said Franken kissed and groped her without her consent when they were traveling on a USO tour in 2006. This afternoon Leeann […]

The Most Dangerous National Security Threat No One’s Talking About

The North Korean dictatorship boasted that they have tested a hydrogen bomb underground in September. Such a hydrogen bomb has the power to destroy Manhattan, killing 8.5 million New York City residents in a couple of seconds. But, there is a prospect potentially even more deadly and terrifying. A hydrogen bomb, exploded within Earth’s atmosphere over […]

Liberals: Sanctuary Cities Allow Illegal Immigrants To Report Crimes. Sheriffs: What Are You Talking About?

Liberals have long claimed that sanctuary cities are a law and order mechanism aimed at allowing those here illegally to report crimes without fear of deportation. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Nancy Pelosi reiterated that point in a CNN town hall event. Mayor Bill de Blasio reiterated this point to Jake Tapper and added that when illegals […]

Media Praises Obama for Courting Commie Castro – Slams Trump for Talking to Freely Elected Taiwan Prez

Yahoo News reported that – U.S. President-elect Donald Trump spoke by phone on Friday with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, a transition team spokeswoman said, in a move likely to infuriate China and expected to complicate relations. The call, confirmed by Trump transition spokeswoman Hope Hicks, was the first such contact with Taiwan by a president-elect […]

NRA Hits Hillary Clinton in Powerful Ad after Orlando ISIS Massacre: “Stop Talking!” Your Words Expose Your Ignorance (VIDEO)

Last weekend Islamist extremist Omar Mateen slaughtered 49 innocents at a gay club in Orlando. The Democrat party’s response to the massacre was to punish ordinary Americans and push for the immediate ban AR-15s, a gun that WAS NOT used by the terrorist during the attack. The NRA released a video attacking the Democrat party […]

Why Obama Gets Emotional Talking About Islam

What difference does it make to use the phrase “radical Islam?” It means in the Orlando case that the terrorist is identified through his affiliation with a particular religion that sanctions death for homosexuals. It also means in the Orlando case that law enforcement authorities may get the idea or impression from the President of […]

Trouble: Bill Clinton Talking Like Trump on Immigration – WATCH

Hillary Clinton is touting her pro-amnesty policies, so NumbersUSA is out with a new video showing former President Bill Clinton echoing presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump on the topic of immigration. The video, released by the immigration reduction group Monday on social media, splices clips of former President Clinton’s 1996 State of the Union address with […]

Talking to My Son About the 9/11 Attacks

On September 11, 2010, we were in Hampshire, England, to attend an arbitration conference for my husband. We only had the older children with us. My son was five years old and was in Year 1 (first grade) at his London school. Our eldest daughter had just turned four. Jim was downstairs doing the cocktail […]