June 28, 2022

177 Ukrainian Refugees Land in Newfoundland on Second Provincially-Chartered Flight

As a plane carrying 177 Ukrainian refugees touched down in St. John‚Äôs, N.L., Tuesday night, Pamela Ryder Lahey was at the front of the crowd inside the airport waiting for five young people to walk through the gates. The retired chief executive officer of the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court has spent the past months […]

Pence Meets With Ukrainian Refugees At Border Amid Harris’s Trip To Poland

Former Vice President Mike Pence visited the Ukrainian border Thursday to meet with refugees, coinciding with Vice President Kamala Harris‚Äôs trip to Poland designed to ‚Äúdemonstrate the strength and unity of the NATO Alliance.‚ÄĚHarris is visiting Warsaw, Poland, and Bucharest, Romania, from March 9-11 amid Russia‚Äôs invasion of Ukraine. While there, she plans to meet…

Ukraine refugees to receive help from Franklin Graham’s humanitarian aid nonprofit

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! As Russia continues its attack against Ukraine, Samaritan‚Äôs Purse International Disaster Relief is sending humanitarian relief to Ukrainian citizens impacted by the war.¬† Franklin Graham, the organization‚Äôs president and CEO, spoke with “Fox & Friends” on Sunday to share that Samaritan‚Äôs Purse “is on the ground.” He […]

UK ‚ÄėDoing Everything Possible‚Äô to Speed up Visas for Ukrainian Refugees: Home Secretary

The UK is ‚Äúdoing everything possible‚ÄĚ to speed up efforts to grant visas to Ukrainian refugees, Home Secretary Priti Patel has said. According to the Home Office, as of 10 a.m. on Sunday, 5,535 online applications had been submitted and 2,368 people had booked a visa appointment…

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Bethenny Frankel says her BStrong Foundation is hoping to help 1M refugees

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Bethenny Frankel is doing what she can to help amid the crisis in Ukraine. The philanthropist and entrepreneur joined Fox News Channel‚Äôs “The Story with Martha MacCallum” on Thursday to discuss her worldwide initiative to help aid Ukrainian citizens affected by the Russian invasion. The former “Real […]

Swing State Democrats Approve ‘Unlimited’ Afghan Refugees to U.S.

Swing state and battleground district Democrats in the Senate and House helped approve a plan by President Joe Biden to open an ‚Äúunlimited‚ÄĚ flow of Afghan migration to the United States, critics say, as part of his massive resettlement operation. Biden has said he hopes to bring about 95,000 Afghans to the U.S. over the…

Ohio Gov Candidate Jim Renacci: We Need to ‘Clean Our Own House’ Before Accepting Afghan Refugees

Around 95,000 Afghan refugees could be settled around the U.S., including in Ohio, following President Joe Biden‚Äôs disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Republicans have largely been vocal about fears over the Biden administration‚Äôs sloppy vetting process ‚ÄĒ though some in the GOP, including current Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R), are accepting refugees by the hundreds and…

‚ÄėI Do Not Believe The United States Has An Obligation‚Äô: Biden, Circa 1975, Argued Against Evacuating Vietnamese Refugees

President Joe Biden authorized $500 million Tuesday to evacuate Afghan citizens, but he argued against assisting in the evacuation of South Vietnamese refugees as a young senator. When the North Vietnamese marched on Saigon in 1975, thousands of South Vietnamese citizens ‚ÄĒ many of whom had connections to the U.S. ‚ÄĒ asked for assistance in…

George W. Bush Releases Statement On Afghanistan Calling On U.S. To Accept Refugees

Former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush released a statement Monday addressing the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. ‚ÄúLaura and I have been watching the tragic events unfolding in Afghanistan with deep sadness,‚ÄĚ the statement began. ‚ÄúOur hearts are heavy for both the Afghan people who have suffered so much and…

Report: Biden Accepts 30,000 Afghan Refugees, Exacerbating Open Border Policies

President Joe Biden‚Äôs Department of Defense (DOD) will reportedly accept 30,000 Afghan refugees¬†into military installations following the collapse of Kabul, Afghanistan, over the weekend. The refugees are¬†special immigrant visas (SIV) applicants and will be housed at¬†Fort McCoy in Wisconsin and Fort Bliss in Texas, according to a document Fox News obtained. ‚ÄúThe situation in Afghanistan…

Exclusive ‚ÄĒ Anthony Sabatini: Biden Should Not Accept Refugees from Afghanistan¬†

President Joe Biden should reject refugees from the future humanitarian crisis emanating from the Taliban‚Äôs conquest of Afghanistan, U.S. House candidate and Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R) told Breitbart News exclusively on Sunday. ‚ÄúUnder no circumstances should America accept a single ‚Äėrefugee‚Äô from Afghanistan due to Biden‚Äôs disorderly withdraw,‚ÄĚ Sabatini stated regarding the refugee…

United Nations Applauds Biden Bringing 4X More Refugees to U.S. as Trump

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees¬†Filippo Grandi is praising President Joe Biden‚Äôs plan to bring four times as many refugees to the United States this year as former President Trump had planned. In a statement this week, Grandi applauded Biden‚Äôs decision to increase the refugee resettlement cap for Fiscal Year 2021 to 62,500 ‚ÄĒ…

More Than Half of Foreign Refugees Are on Taxpayer-Funded Food Stamps.

More than half of the annual inflow of foreign refugees arriving in the United States are on food stamps, a government report reveals. Since 2008, as Breitbart News reported, the U.S. has permanently resettled more than 1.7 million foreign nationals and refugees through a variety of humanitarian programs like the¬†Special Immigrant Juveniles and the¬†Nicaraguan Adjustment […]

Updated Total: 1,898 Refugees Admitted into the U.S. in June.

A total of 1,898 refugees were admitted into the United States in June, bringing the number during the first nine months of FY 2018 to 16,229. If the number of refugees admitted into the United States under the federal Refugee Admissions Program during the last three months of FY 2018 continue at the same rate, […]

Central America’s fake refugees ‚Äď and Venezuela’s real ones

Nothing makes the¬†middle finger-infused¬†migrant drama at the Tijuana border look more plastic and phony than news of the real one, over in Venezuela, as real refugees pour over borders. It sounds harsh, and maybe there are a few valid sob stories among the handpicked group chosen to “challenge” the mighty y√°nqui empire for the “right” […]

Refugees In ‘Caravan’ Climb U.S.-Mexico Border Fence, Chant ‘Yes We Can!’

More than 200 refugees from Central America who have moved in a caravan across Mexico have gathered at the U.S. border in Tijuana, with some scaling the border fence and taunting U.S. officials while shouting “Gracias, Mexico!” In a nod to former president Barack Obama, dozens also chanted ‚ÄúSi Se Puede!‚ÄĚ (Yes We Can!) from […]

Israel Tells Refugees They Have Two Months To Get Out Or Go To Jail.

The Israeli government has started sending deportation notices to thousands of African refugees, warning them that they face indefinite imprisonment if they fail to leave the country. Israeli¬†Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Saturday the execution of a plan to deport nearly 40,000 African refugees who entered the country illegally. The first notices were distributed Sunday, […]

Six Syrian Refugees Detained For Allegedly Planning Christmas Attack In Germany.

German police detained six Syrian nationals Tuesday who are suspected of planning an attack against a Christmas market in the city of Essen. The suspects were detained in three different cities after an operation involving around 500 police officers. The men, aged between 20 and 28, are believed to be Islamic State members. ‚ÄúThe accused […]

Hizballah militants entered Germany among refugees

I‚Äôve been warning about this kind of thing ever since the Muslim migrant influx began in 2015. Of course, I was derided as islamofauxbic. But I was right again. ‚ÄúReport: Hezbollah militants entered Germany among refugees,‚ÄĚ by Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post, October 12, 2017: Hezbollah combatants have entered Germany since mid-2015 as part of the […]

Hezbollah Terrorists Entering Germany as Refugees

Chancellor Merkel sticks to her open doors policy and offers ‚Äúshelter to those who deserve it.‚ÄĚ Chancellor Angela Merkel‚Äôs open doors policy for fighting-age men from Arab and Muslim countries is a gift that keeps on giving. An alarming number of Hezbollah terrorists are entering Germany posing as refugees, reports Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post, citing […]

Australia Starts Shipping Refugees To US As Part Of Obama Deal

¬† U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ahead of an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, aboard the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York, U.S. May 4, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst. The first refugees held at Australia‚Äôs offshore detention centers began […]

Close To 60 Syrian Militia Fighters Came To Germany As Refugees

Close to 60 people from an al-Qaida-linked militia group in Syria entered Germany posing as refugees, German magazine Der Spiegel reported Saturday. The group allegedly fought for the Owais al-Qorani Brigade on numerous sides of the Syrian war. The group originally supported the rebel Free Syrian Army before switching to al-Qaida-affiliated¬†al-Nusra Front, according to Spiegel. […]

Germany Finds 1,500 Cases of Child Marriages Among Refugees including 361 Girls Under the Age of 14

You‚Äôre going to just love the new Europe! German officials found over 1,500 cases of child marriages among the the unvetted migrants they allowed into their country the past two years. 361 of the child brides were under the age of 14. The Daily Caller reported: The German government agreed on a proposal Wednesday to […]

With Trump’s Executive Orders Held Up In Court Over 8,400 Refugees Have Come To The U.S.

President Trump‚Äôs attempts to block refugee admittance through executive action have been stopped in federal court. Consequently,¬†over 8,400 refugees have resettled in the U.S., according to State Department figures released Sunday. Trump‚Äôs first executive order called for a temporary ban on the resettlement of refugees for 120 days, and an indefinite ban on the entry […]

Report: 60% of Refugees to US in Last Month Came from Terror-Prone Countries

On January 27, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order banning refugees from seven terror-prone countries. On February 7, 2017, the Ninth Circuit Court blocked the president‚Äôs ban despite the fact that Obama signed similar bans multiple times during his tenure as president. Now this‚Ķ 60% of refugees entering the US since the Ninth Circuit […]

Hundreds Of Syrian, Iraqi Refugees Admitted To U.S. Since Trump Order Halted

  In the week since a federal judge in Seattle blocked President Donald Trump‚Äôs temporary travel ban, more than 1,460 refugees have been admitted to the United States, including hundreds from Syria and Iraq. According to the State Department‚Äôs Refugee Processing Center, since last Friday‚Äôs ruling, 1,462 refugees have come¬†to the United States. Nearly 72 […]

Poll: Majority Supports Trump’s Executive Orders on Sanctuary Cities, Refugees

It’s time once again to play pick your poll. Let’s start with the one Trump will like — and not dismiss out-of-hand as “fake news.” A fresh¬†Morning Consult/Politico survey measures majority or plurality support for every Trump executive order they polled. The three that garner a majority are withholding federal funding from sanctuary cities (55/33),¬†temporarily […]

100 Syrian Refugees Rush into Country After Seattle Judge Halts Trump Executive Order

One hundred Syrian refugees rushed into the country on Monday, the first full week day after Federal District Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order halting key elements of President Donald Trump‚Äôs immigration executive order, ‚ÄúProtecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.‚ÄĚ A total of 113 refugees from three countries […]

Obama Refused 91 Refugees ‚Äď Sent Them Back to Castro‚Äôs Hell-Hole 2 Days Before Inauguration ‚Äď Liberal Media Was Silent

Obama Turned Away 91 Cuban Refugees two days before the Trump inauguration. The refugees were returned to Castro‚Äôs hellhole. The liberal media said nothing about these poor persecuted souls. But this same media has trashed President Trump nonstop for three days after he made 109 Middle Eastern refugees weight at the airports a few hours […]

(Another) Media Fail: 57% Support Temporary Ban on Refugees From Terror-Exporting Countries

A strong majority of voters support a temporary ban on refugees from unstable and violent countries, Rasmussen Reports found. Nearly two-thirds of voters want the U.S. government to halt refugee resettlement until better controls to screen foreigners can be implemented, according to Rasmussen: A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 57 […]